the kits is in great shape has a chip in the chassis ill post pic of it, nothing big. comes with the lrp XXS stock spec esc(200$) also have a team orion 17.5 turn brushless motor sensored with wire (80$) comes with some traction compound almost new (15$) two set of tires on crc magenta rear and cant remember whats on the front but thats (30$) they have a few laps on them, didnt true them down so they have some "chunking" on the edges not to bad, then another set of brand new jaco magenta front and rear. as well comes with a team check point 5000mah 1s 40c lipo.(50$) if you were to buy this stuff if would cost around 500$+ but i am looking to sell it as a package for about 370$ shipped. i have a video of it, but the tires that are in the video are old and used up so they are gone. [url=]YouTube - my new kit.. team associated 12r5.1[/url]
sub scribe as well. i am looking to trade this for either a 1/8th scale buggy like a FTrc8e not a complete roller maybe a motor or something like that.