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FOR SALE - Traxxas Revo BB great condition
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Thread: FOR SALE - Traxxas Revo BB great condition

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    Post FOR SALE - Traxxas Revo BB great condition

    Here we have my Traxxas Revo Big Block,

    I will start off by saying, what a fantastic truck this is! It's been an ongoing project of mine for quite some time now, but I'm afraid I have to part with it.

    Running video is here: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo7hks_ebQ4]YouTube - RCRACING88 - EPIC SLOW MOTION 2011 BASH - MUST SEE!! - TRUGGY/REVO/T4 - 60FPS - HD[/url]

    Sales video: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TWlDP2zs6Q]YouTube - FOR SALE - TRAXXAS REVO .26 BIG BLOCK - AMAZING CONDITION - MANY SPARES & UPGRADES - HD[/url] Which shows everything included when you buy this revo!

    As you can see from the video, the truck runs great! It jumps like no other! and wheelie's like a monster!

    Background information:

    The truck has had two* previous owners before I, The first owner was a guy whom only broke in the engine and knew little about RC trucks in general. It was then sold to my good friend who then struggled to work with the TRX 2.5R engine and had no money at the time to invest in a new engine for the truck. He didn't use the truck much at all* due to it's unfortunate unreliability which is almost unheard of with the TRX 2.5/3.3 engines.

    I then bought the truck from him including everything I needed with the exception of fuel, to go out and use it! But I bought the kit in the first place for an ongoing project anyway.

    I Gradually added and removed things to and from the kit to make it my own, and unique. I bought such things as a forward only conversion (FOC), Picco .26 MAX Big block revo kit, Revo wing mount, platinum style receiver box and many other things!

    The truck has got 50wt Losi shock oil in all four shocks, with golden shock covers on each. Stock revo wheels are already mounted on and ready to go. The powerful Picco .26 Max engine has only been run a few times after its been broken in properly.


    Revo 2.5 Chassis
    standard Hex wheel set (with original wheels)
    FOC kit (forward only conversion kit)
    Wing mount, with high down force wing
    Picco .26 MAX
    Traxxas Tx & Rx
    Traxxas RX Power Pack 6v stick pack
    Dual revo steering servo's
    Futaba Throttle/Brake servo
    Stock pipe and header, with upgraded coupler
    1 Upper & Lower* set of RPM arms for rear
    Low profile Platinum Style receiver box
    Traxxas high flow air filter
    Plastic Spur 38t

    What will arrive in the package:

    Fully built and ready to go Big block revo, everything installed including the new engine & traxxas TQ3 Tx + Rx *** Only thing needed is a 27mhz crystal for the Rx since I pulled it out and can't seem to find it, if I do find it I will include it with the package

    Bag full of original parts including; brand new suspension rockers (never used), EZ start system, original receiver box, Gears for reverse & reverse module, 38t Steal spur, 7.2v battery for ez start, 17mm hex adapters, and other small parts

    * * * * * * U K O N L Y B U Y E R S * * * * * *
    Caster Racing EX1.5
    T8 1900kv & Castle Speed Control on 4s
    Diggity Designs CF Upper Deck
    VP Pro & Caster Wheels/tyres
    Savox SC1258 Titanium Geared

    HotBodies Truggy & Ho Bao Hyper 7
    GX-5R .21 - Byron 20%
    Ofna - Proline - VP Pro - Caster Wheels/tyres
    Savox SC125/78 Titanium Geared

    Thanks to: Caster Racing USA - Team Tekin - Byron Fuels - VP Pro - Savox

    RCRacing88.eu5.org / Youtube.com/RCRacing88
    Nene Valley Raceway

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