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Traxxas 3s brushless motor
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Thread: Traxxas 3s brushless motor

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    Traxxas 3s brushless motor

    I have a Heng long rc mad truck, and I am wanting to go faster, so my thought was to get a brushless motor. Well I found one but im not sure if it will work... it says on the site that i found it on that it will fit 1/10 trucks. mine is that size... but will it make a difference if the motor is traxxas and my truck is heng long... I dont want to waste my money on something that wont work... please help me.

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    Senior Member ian2's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    it will work just fine just make sure you have traxxas connectors because thats whats on the vxl-3s and yes it will make you go 6-10 mph faster depending on gearing
    full throttle or else it must be broke but breaking it is just another reason to build it bigger and better than before!

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    Senior Member batman's Avatar
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    you will also need a brushless ESC, to go with a brushless motor.
    cant find much info on that truck looks like it has a 550 brushed motor. do you know how many turns it it?
    you might be able to use this, but this is a 540 size just like the traxxas [url=]Leopard 1/10 Scale Brushless System Combo w/ Brushless Motor/ESC/ Program Card 12.0R 3300KV[/url]
    but most likely you would want to use 1/8 scale setup if you can get the motor in there like this one
    [url=]EZRUN Brushless Power System Combo C2 w/ 80A ESC, 19T 3674SL Brushless Motor For 1/8 Car (Combo) for Traxxas Revo Conversion[/url]
    these are more affordable set ups, if money is no issue i would look into a 550 setup from tekin or novak those should fit fine

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    Jun 2011
    East Texas
    its not a heavy truck, the VXL combo (ESC and motor) will work fine in the truck when paired together. a bigger system (1/8 scale system) will tear your drivetrain apart.

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