Like it says there are alot of parts....enough parts to make a second 18r.

To the deal....this is a RTR 18r bought in sep 2011 for an anticipated indoor racing season, track and building was a flop and now this stuff just sits here. Here's what your looking at....

x1 - 18r' is complete the other was taken apart for a parts car, but can be restored back to working status
x2 - 18r bodies in reasonable shape, there are also x3 18t bodies(not pictured)
x3 - sets of tires/wheels, one set is almost new foams, one set of almost new rubber, last is worn down for drifting
x2 - stock ae mini servo's almost new
x2 - stock brushed motors, one is almost new the other is used but as far as I know works fine
x1 - HS-65MG mighty feather metal gear servo (brand new installed)
x1 - ae stock esc, this can handle lipo but has no lipo cut-off mode
x1 - ae 27mHz rx/tx Never used, it was taken out of the box and put in my parts cage, I also have a ae 2.4 I can add for the second 18r for the right deal
x4 - Batteries x2 1600 7.4v 2cell lipo & x2 1100nimh 7.2v 6cell all plugs are deans connectors

I know I'm forgetting something oh yeah all the darn parts someone could ask *Parts cases not included*

Now for offers....I'm looking into getting something nitro(NO MT's), it does not have to be RTR. Let me know what you have and the worst I can say is !NO!