I have my mini e revo that was converted from a slash for sale. I have a ton of extra parts, enough to almost make a slash! It's was converted from a slash to a e revo for wider wheel base. The car is rtr with mamba max pro and castle 3300kv motor. It also comes with 2 2s venom 2000 mah Lipo batteries! I have a paralel adapter that doubles the run time bringing it to about 40 minutes! I have the stock esc and motor but something is wrong with the esc. I'm sure you could get it warrentied along with the castle sidewinder v2. The car its self has soooo many upgrades such as,
mamba max pro with castle motorBig block conversion kit
Rpm a arms all the way around
Proline dirt hogs with dish wheels
Center differental
Rpm front bumper
Rmp caster blocks all the way around
Proline wing
Jc concepts "truggy" body
Proline body
Stock slash and e revo bodies
Gtr shocks with black springs all the way around
Dual hitec servos very fast with a lot of torque
Front and rear diffs that are brand new and shimed

As you can see you are getting An amazing deal! Pm me for any questions!This car is track ready while still being able to do backflips flat with the stock center diff included. With the upgraded center diff I got speed runs upwards in the 70s mph
Please feel free to offer offer offer!! NO TRADES