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Warning! Rcfanatic08 on eBay.
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Thread: Warning! Rcfanatic08 on eBay.

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    Warning! Rcfanatic08 on eBay.

    Recently, the owner of HobbyMagic RC in Orlando, Florida, (Also known on eBay as rcfanatic08) has been linked to multiple scams over the course of years for buying from ebay sellers and abusing Buyer Protection to get free parts. I know this is a selling issue, but it deserves more attention, lest someone else be scammed. Information has been found about this buyer and store, and I myself have had the misfortune of falling into one of these terrible scams.

    [url=]Fraudulent eBay user? Update!: HobbyMagic RC Orlando, FL - Buying/selling discussion (NO SALES) @ URC Forums[/url]

    This is the link to the thread, in which the store owner's messages and history as a buyer are stated. I apologize for the length of that thread, but I am currently tracking my situation as I have to deal with eBay's misguided efforts to protect a buyer that, in this case is a thief, or at least an attempted one.

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    i aint tellin u stalker
    i feel for you bro i really do

    oh and yes i am furry


    lol i spammed

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