I have a 3903 emaxx im looking to sell. I have no feedback on this site but I do on ebay.
List of upgrades:
RPM true track
RPM shock towers
RPM skid plates
RPM front a arms
STRC Aluminum carriers
Traxxas 17mm Hex hub adapters
Traxxas Wheelie bar
Traxxas white progressive springs
Proline silverado body like new
#3908 emaxx tires on geode wheels like new
Traxxas aluminum toe links
Traxxas aluminum steering drag link.(i should be getting this in the mail monday and installed)
Traxxas center CVD'S
It has the 2 channel tqi and the evx2 with the built in lvd. Im including the stock batteries too and 2 nimh chargers. I have everything that came with the truck. The motors have only 5 runs on them.
The bad: I think one of the servo's has a bad gear. When on the ground, it will turn normally right, but it will take a while to turn left
Absolutly no trades. Getting out of the hobby. The only trades I would take would be a iPhone 4S via Verizon.
The truck is dirty in the pics but will get cleaner. The truck has only seen a puddle of water like half a inch deep.
This truck was well taken care of. The body also has a gopro mount. I think I have all the tools that it came with too.
$300+ shipping. OBO. Weekend special: $250 + shipping. For shipping information PM me.
This week the earliest I can ship is thursday. After thursday I should have no problems about shipping. Guys, don't be afraid of the price. I really need this gone so make me a deal. I can come to a deal with you. Please, no low ball offers. For example, don't offer me $150.