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Thread: HPI new front wheel drive car

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteTech View Post
    Believe it or not the Switch isn't new-new, came out about 3 years ago I think else where, it had a Lupo body stock.

    As for Under steer, typical with FWD cars, it can be tuned to even have over steer. It's all about traction up front.

    I'd get one if they were more popular, I think they could make a good Spec class for racing
    Oh yea, I know - I talk about the older version in the post. Thanks for the input though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMRC View Post
    Oh yea, I know - I talk about the older version in the post. Thanks for the input though!
    Sorry! I have a bad habit of not reading posts completely

    I think the FWD would slow things down as opposed to AWD tourers, making it more fair? Maybe that's what HPI was going for?

    I really not sure where it's going to go anywhere considering the awesome Cup Racer is $209 on Horizon

    I wouldn't mind a cheap on-road class to get into, like if the CupRacers would get more popular
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    Tamiya has a front wheel drive also. they say it makes a good drift car. so maybe that is where this one is going to be come.

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