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please be generous
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Thread: please be generous

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    i aint tellin u stalker

    please be generous

    i need a slash 4x4 screw set, chassis, wheels, tranny(front and rear), please help me i am 13 so i dont have any money and i need these parts for my slash rebuild project i would ask the parents but they hate the hobby so please be generous and give me some parts i would really appreciate it a lot.


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    I appreciate your interest in building a slash from scratch, but your time may be better served if you try to make a little money so you could pick up a cheap roller, and then try to get the rest of the parts you need instead of trying to ask for the whole thing.

    IMO you should ask your friends, family, neighbors if you could wash their car for some money or donations. I have found that working like this for older people usually pays pretty good, plus if there is older ladies involved they usually feed you lunch as well.

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