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Tamiya Levant Brushless XB Tear Down Thread
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Thread: Tamiya Levant Brushless XB Tear Down Thread

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    Tamiya Levant Brushless XB Tear Down Thread

    So, we're all used to build threads by now. But I ended up getting a great deal on a Tamiya Levant XB 4WD racing truck. "A what?!?" you say? Well, Tamiya is known for their kits. I love building kits, and don't go for RTRs if I can help it. But - this was an excellent price, and I was curious, so I went for it.

    Tamiya's XB series are all RTRs - in fact, this Levant XB is not offered as a kit. So I wept silently inside, and bought it.

    Since I can't do a build thread (it's RTR!), I decided that once it arrived, I'd dismantle it and share the steps with you fine folks along the way, so we can all see what makes it tick. Fact is, there is very little info out there about the Levant, so sharing info is a good thing.

    Let's hope the reason that no one seems to have a Levant isn't "because it sucks", but rather "because folks don't buy Tamiya RTRs". We'll see about that.

    On to the truck!

    As you can see, the "discount price" is $400. That's brutal. Also perhaps another reason no one has one.

    So, mine arrived in the mail today, and I began with some pics. Here it is in the box, and right out of it.

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    i cant see the pics
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