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road cars
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Thread: road cars

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    RCN Moderator dizzyinzo's Avatar
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    road cars

    has anyone ever tried one of team associated on road cars... i am looking a purchasing the hell out of one, and i want to know if they are worth it?
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    I just got a TC5 Rubber edition for my daughter from the team associated website $199.99. I am going to put a castle creations mamba max pro esc and the 1406 5700kv motor. She is out of town until Saturday and we will be building it over the next couple of weeks. I will let you know how it runs once we get it done.

    I could not pass up the price for the great factory team setup.

    I have an original RC10, and RC10T and an SC10 4x4. (I took a 20 year break from the hobby). The RC10 and the RC10T are still going strong. I am still building the SC10 4x4 and should have it done about the same time as the TC5

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    iv never owned one personally. but iv driven a few. iv got one friend that had a TC3 and 3 friends that had TC4's. best TC's iv ever driven. yes very much worth the money. i had about an hour of experience with the TC4's (30 min on track, 30 min in a parking lot) and if i had had money in hand i would have bought one on the spot. quality was great, handing was excellent. even put drift tires on it and gave that a shot. solid platform and lots of fun. it bummed me out when they sold them to get SC trucks.

    idk anything about the TC5 or TC6 though. other than the TC6 aint cheap
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    TC6 can easily keep up with X-Rays and Schumachers. And their 1/12 Pan car can keep up with even Serpent.
    B4 Mamba. 'Nuf said.
    RC18T (added wing)
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    Soon to be Quadcopter.

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