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SC10 2wd Question upgrade system?
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Thread: SC10 2wd Question upgrade system?

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    SC10 2wd Question upgrade system?

    I got a 2wd sc10 brushless all stock right now but I want to upgrade. I want to put in the Traxxas Velineon Waterproof Brushless System (link to system at the bottom) but what all do I have to change or can I just drop it in and go? Do I have to change the gearing right now its 18 p and 87 spur. If I do have to change what gear I want good speed and I will be on a 3s lipo.

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    you can just drop in and go! you might want to try some smaller pinion gears, like go down by 1 or 2 teeth.
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    It should be fine, all you would have to check on is your motor temps. I myself run the 3500kv Velineon motor paired with my MMM in my sc10 as a back up motor.

    Do a good couple of speed runs or passes then do a motor temp check, if you need to then you can change out your pinion or your spur gear as needed. start with your pinion then move to your spur, hot = up(pinion) if cold = down(pinion) But if your changing out your spur you need to think backwards... hot = down.... cold = u

    Since your going to be running with a 3s I would keep a close eye on this in the beginning just to be sure you don't burn out your esc or motor... temp I believe for the Velineon should not exceed 145 degrees, I have not looked at the chart in a while so you might want to check that heat temp for yourself.

    Rule of thumb here is if you cant hold your finger on your motor for at least 3 seconds after a good run your to hot

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