I have never bought a hobby grade rc before, and I would like to get into the hobby! I have been doing research and I've been looking at the XXX-Sct and the sc10 RTR (not Rs). I like the sc10 better...but I have a few questions about it.

First off, this is the SC10 RTR I'm looking at for $199. I don't have a big enough budget to get the Rs for $299

1. Is this Sc10 RTR discontinued?

2. Does this Sc10 have a brushed motor? + What motor is it ? I believe it is but I do not know for sure.

3. If this sc10 has a brushed motor, can it accept LiPos out of the box?

4. Is this sc10 a good first truck? -Does it have good enough electronics to start off with?

5. Can this Sc10 race as stock or does it need a huge amount of hop ups just to keep up with other stock?

Please keep in mind I have never bought a hobby grade rc and my budget is tight. I'm sorry for all the questions.
I'm not against upgrades in the future and I think its going to be fun!