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Front brace for SC10
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Thread: Front brace for SC10

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    Rockit RC

    Front brace for SC10

    What is the best front brace for the SC10? The RPM bumper/brace with the FT carbon top plate? What about this?

    [url][/url]pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20b43f c7c6#ht_500wt_1156

    Any thoughts on aluminum bulk heads, are they a worth while upgrade?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Rockit

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    I have to say the RPM stuff is about the best I have every dealt with.

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    Aluminum up grades tend to not hold up that great as far as bumpers and braces go... the FT stuff is as good or better then rpm
    but eather one is money well spent


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    RPM parts for your A-arms ft/r and bumper.
    Save the carbon for the shock towers and battery hold down.
    Aluminum I would not recommend it, for the simple fact that you will still break but it will cost you alot more to fix, Aluminum parts don't have much give so instead of breaking your A-Arm now you broke your bulkhead/shock tower mounts and other stuff. Plastic is supposed to break when certain force is applied, if you remove the plastic in place for metal/aluminum the adjoining plastic will have to take the force, most lightly causing major breakage = more $$$$.

    It's nice to look at, but who really wants a SCT to be a shelf queen.

    Long story short

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    Best upgrade you can get for that car!

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    it is a good price too.

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    great colors. cool blue and black!

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    titanium turnbuckles are the bomb!

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    a chasis brack can help alot too.

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    I've heard great things about RPM parts. I've seen guys run them at my local track and they don't break a thing and, let me tell ya we ain't tiny jumps here in Indiana lol. They're strong and they look good(bumpers mostly) but for the most part they're affordable. Hope you have fun either way man lol
    Team Associated SC10's are awesome. Nuff said...

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