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RPM Parts For SC10
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Thread: RPM Parts For SC10

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    RPM Parts For SC10

    would you recommend putting the upgraded parts like a better bumper and things for the track on the sc10? Is it worth the extra money?

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    hey shawnTT, Welcome!

    the RPM bumper for the slash 4x4 was a great upgrade. it is much more substantial than the stock one so offers way more protection from those jumps at our local track!

    the value you'd get from the upgrade is worth it IMO.

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    RPM parts are great they are strong idk about more than aluminum but there lighter than aluminum and stronger than stock bumpers as well as being strong they arent expensive. so it is with the extra money.

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    If your racing or bashing any rpm product is a good upgrade...
    just get it in black
    the blue just looks too cheesie IMO

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    RPM is a great part for all cars my dad used to break his rear arm on his T4. Because he was going so fast when he hit another driver or the pipe the whole pin would rip right out of the arm. He switched to RPM and its never happened to him again.

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    Yea, super affordable, and a well worthwhile upgrade.

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    I use RPM products on my touring cars for years, and I purchased the Front bumper on my SC10, not only does it look better, but if you botch a jump it lands better, also it takes stress off of the front suspension tower. The design allows the force to be spread out over a larger portion of the chassis.

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    The only question and comment i have about the RPM rear arms

    I didn't see anywhere to put the sway bar attachment to, is there even such a nipple or do you have to drill a hole and do it that way? I was going to upgrade but that has stopped me from buying them. I feel for in-door carpet events around here the sway bar is a need to have upgrade for any SCT, it really helps when you dive into the corner hard!

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    i just ordered the rear arms, so i'll let you know if it has the sway bar nipple i'll let you know

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    Here's an idea I had. I would like to have my SC10 water proof. Has anyone tried to put in the Velineon system (Traxxas) into the AE SC10? I think my slash is going to get a downgraded motor to run stock slash class(17-27T) and it's way to quick, but it would keep my SC10 in the mod class(9-13T). So I might have a reedy 3300kv brushless system(13.5t) coming up for-sale soon!
    Would this be a good idea?

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