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First SC10 and it's a BEAST!!! Battery for brushless?? - Page 2
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Thread: First SC10 and it's a BEAST!!! Battery for brushless??

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    Yes why yes they do. I used 2x 2s 5000mah Gens Ace lipos on my Ac6 thunder dual power charger. Takes one hour for one battery and 30min or run time with my batterys. So i call that a fair ratio

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    i order alot from hobbypartz like my servos ,brushless system,radio, pinoin gear, tools, esc fan, and battery so yeah love the site

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    Jun 2011
    Ya so far ive ordered, x2 Batterys, 1x charger, 1 radio, and 1x servo. Other than the brushless system; all hobbypartz.

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    Man do I love this forum! I get great help from you guys. You guys are awesome!
    Team Associated SC10's are awesome. Nuff said...

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    I'm new here and have seen some terminology I'm not familiar with. What is a Lipo cutoff and what does it do? Thanks

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