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Who's done the 12mm hex hub conversion?
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Thread: Who's done the 12mm hex hub conversion?

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    Cool Who's done the 12mm hex hub conversion?

    I seen that Pro-Line makes a kit that changes your front and rear hubs to 12mm hex hubs. Anybody done that to theirs and how has it worked out for ya? Thanks

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    I did it for one of my friends on his sc10 and so far he loves it. He likes the fact he can rotate his tires around his car and also likes the fact that that he isn't stripping out pin drives any more and he doesn't have to worry about losing the pins.

    Ill probably be getting a losi xxx-sct soon and the hex upgrade will be the first upgrade ill get so i can use my protrac wheels and tires.
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    I bought a kit Associated 9883 12mm Hex Adapters, SC10 from e-bay toadzrc for the price of $4.25 + $2.50 s/h for my 2wd SC10 Brushless as i only change/wear out the rear tires. Now i can swap rear tires/rims out with my slash and trooper. now i have a set of snipers/calipers/goosebumps and factory that i can do the itchy shuffle with depending on track and spec conditions. Also think about it Associated even uses it on their race spec. coincidence? note they are 2 different thicknesses to fit ROAR spec or a little stagger.
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    I figured it was a great upgrade. I just wanted to get some of your guy's thoughts in on it too.
    Team Associated SC10's are awesome. Nuff said...

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