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Thread: Is this forum even alive?

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    In my defense of your statment " I just wish that people wouldnt just stay in the form associated with their rc "

    I try not to dabble in or try to give advice in something I have no knowledge with. I myself own SCT, Scaler, 1/10 drift and 18r's. I would not have any clue about nitro, planes, heli's, boats or other kinds of rc's. My advice in those area's would be to "look it up or ask someone else" I do however try my best to answer or share what I know in any subject that I do or have a little know how in.

    For instance I do not know what fuel would be better.....I do not know what batts work for planes.....I do not know what would be the better remote for flying..... there is so many different kinds of knowledge out there about your forte of rc and I would not expect someone to be able to answer or put their 2cents in every or most of the posts, just because it's rc related.

    I'm not trying to be an A## about it, but helpful advice is always better then someone guessing about what they think would work on a plane, boat, heli, nitro's or crawlers because they have working knowledge with 18r's.

    I will check out your post, but don't hate on me if I can't answer your question because I don't own or have never owned a boat before.

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    Sorry, I was just tired last night cause I played a basketball game (we won). I didn't think of that bet like u said, just say what u know.

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