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SC10 track setups
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Thread: SC10 track setups

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    SC10 track setups

    so, i run on a very hard, very high grip indoor track. ok, its

    running an SC10 with RPM arms, and Jconcepts Goosebumps. I have too much body roll. I've seen some setups running heavy shock oil up front, and lighter oil out back. My problem is I'm running the heavy Titan brushed motor out back. I'm thinking 40 wt oil the way around, but wanted to get some opinions. Any opinions on spring choices?

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    Don't have one, but this link might help or atleast you can see how others are setting up their SC10s

    [url=]SC10: Team Associated - Champions By Design - Nitro and Electric RC Cars[/url]

    [url=""]YouTube - RC Nightmare[/url] << Click & Subscribe !!

    [url=""]RC Nightmare Blog Homepage[/url]

    [url=]RC Flight School-RC Plane Vids[/url] << Click & Subscribe !!

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    get the BIZZARE Sway Bars, they should have some for it

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    My SC10 for the in-door carpet track here is set up with

    reedy 3300kv brushless kit
    45wt in the rear along with the green springs and 1cm spacer
    50wt in the front with the gold springs and 1/2cm spacer
    sliver sway bar
    stock tires

    seems to work really well I held the fastest lap times the other night, well until I had a brief meeting with the barriers and shattered the front end of my truck. It really depends on how hard your going to run into the corners. 1 guy we had there the other night ran 60wt in the rear and 45wt in the front, seemed to work for him. I guess he liked that his truck nose dived then hard on the throttle to swing the rear for the hair pins, didn't work to well on the sweeper corners tho

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    i run red in front and silver in back. it works really good

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    that was even helpful to me and i race. thank you!

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