I've been tuning my sc10 4x4 over the last month. Got the truck pretty hooked up with some mods and set up changes, but I'm just looking to put the 3mm wider wheels on the truck and get a little more stability.

Im also working on the motor and gearing of the truck, currently running the RX8 esc with the Tekin pro 4 - 4 pole 4600kv motor. With a 12/62 gear ratio. Thinking of jumping up the pinion to a 13 or 14 and maybe down to the 60 tooth spur gear. Anybody running this system on the truck have any opinions I'd love to hear them.

Also was wondering if anyone has ran both the tekin pro 4 and their 550 4.0 turn motor, or the Reedy sonic 550 4.0. I'm looking at the reedy because its made to fit the sc10 and I know the team guys are running them with some good success.