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Bestbuy/future shop traxxas
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Thread: Bestbuy/future shop traxxas

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    Bestbuy/future shop traxxas

    Hello all.. I'm a noob to this after being away from it for 20 years... Anyway, I'm looking at buying a traxxas stampede vxl 4x4 and I see that best buy and future shop are selling these as RTR units. They are currently on sale here in Canada for $370 and I've looked at other online prices and this is on average $100 dollars less. Is there something I'm missing with these one from bestbuy/future shop? They only thing I'm wondering is the battery size and if it has a charger? Even if it only has a 2000 or 3000mAh battery, they sell them for $75 bucks online and have free shipping... Any info you could provide would be awesome! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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    I would say look around online a few places. And you could find discounts some places. I bought a summit and some batteries and a charger. They were about six hundred bucks American at The Time and the batteries were fifty bucks a piece and the charger was thirty. So over seven hundred. I live in Canada and joined the site as a member and paid ten bucks. This got me a bunch of discount codes and it saved me $ and the shipping was discounted as well. It ended up costing me 570 American. So about 630 or so shipped to me. Only thing was where it came from the states i paid 80 duty. But then later learned there is a Canadian sister site that has most of the same stuff. So shop around first.
    Also look at the traxxas site and see the different models so you know which one you are getting and what batteries come with it and radio as well.

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