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Rusler alluminum hop ups vs stock vs carbon fiber - Page 2
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Thread: Rusler alluminum hop ups vs stock vs carbon fiber

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    ok you say rpm is lighter, but i look at oem rustler a-arms and rpm ones and the rpm looks bulkier to me

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    The plastic is less dense and more flexible on the rpm parts.
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    RPM always looks bigger(bulkie) but they do weigh less then aluminum, also if you happen to bend the aluminum parts at the end of the bend will usually be a break of plastic. Thus breaking/bending more parts, if you remove the metal from the equation then your RC has room to flex under strain and will NOT break as many parts. That's why some ppl choose the hubs/shock towers for the aluminum and go with (example: RPM/Pro-Trac) for other stuff.

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    Chris nailed it. If you want bash-ablility (ultimate longevity) stick with parts that help absorb the impact instead of transferring that impact to the next weakest part. RPM/Pro-Trac parts do that with style...

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    Just make sure you fix everything and dont just create for yourself a new, harder, more expensive part to fix

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    i have a rustler and revo and t maxx and some parts are better RPM some are better integy. the parts that where down (body mounts, skid plates) you want aluminum. the parts that just break ( a-arms, shock towers, bumpers) you want RPM.

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    rpm is great. the carbon fiber is super light wight and super strong it will never give you problems. aluminum bends which really kindof sucks. some parts are good for aluminum such as skidplates and bulkheads if your vehicle has them

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    i had a carbon fiber shock tower break on my 8th scale buggy from rolling it over at about 5 mph onroad

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