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New RPM bulkheads
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Thread: New RPM bulkheads

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    New RPM bulkheads

    The first version of RPM's new Maxx bulkheads are flawed

    They did their R&D using only the T-Maxx chassis and never test fit onto any E-Maxx.

    Both front and read fasteners are 4mm too short that connect to the chassis.

    The rear as other have said needs to be dremel'ed a lot to fit.

    They know these issues now

    My 3906 chassis with the 3903 steering upgrade
    They might fit without cutting if your using the stock 3906 steering

    3x20mm bolts in stead of the 3x16mm for the chassis

    All done
    with new bulkhead, bulkhead braces and front bumper
    3906 Formula Off-Road

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