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What is the best rc monster truck out there??? - Page 5
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Thread: What is the best rc monster truck out there???

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    I have a summit and i love the fact that its decently fast but its sooo much fun when you put it in low and lock the axles. best of both worlds
    Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5
    Traxxas Summit
    Duratrax Firehammer

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    i aint tellin u stalker
    i am personally a fan of the clod busters i have 3 of them plus a thousand parts

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    Wow this thread has been going for ever. My two cents is.
    summit is the described truck you asked about. It has some speed and all Tue power you need. And of course as you said didn't matter it is waterproof. But the two gears it is a bulldozer in low gear. And is tough as anything. I have punished mine repeatedly bashing it with big jumps and booming out and flipping.g wide open and falling. Soaked running and mud sand and anything. Snow being my favorite. I bent a couple rods and cracked a bulkhead. It cost me a big 13 bucks to fix. I have two of the trucks. And a bunch of batteries and a couple dual charges. And tires all around. And some more spare parts. If i can get all that you can save for a summit.
    Just think of how awesome it would be to make everyone else's truck look like a.toy!!:-):-)

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    I have the 1/16 summit an it is fantastic. I am saving for the bigger brother now because I want the locking diffs. Of all the videos I have watched to pick my next and all the reading I have done the summit is the way to go for just about everything. That's my 2 cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcman View Post
    I was just woundering if there is any really good monster truck thats strong and that looks cool. It doesn't need to be waterproof. It just needs to go fast and is powerful.
    Five Best Monster Trucks:
    HPI Savage
    Kyosho USA-1 and Nitro USA-1
    Losi LST
    Tamiya Blackfoot
    Tamiya Clodbuster
    For detail check out this:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrymartin View Post
    Five Best Monster Trucks:
    HPI Savage - Great basher
    Kyosho USA-1 and Nitro USA-1 - Old and getting harder to find parts for, not a good basher.
    Losi LST - Great basher
    Tamiya Blackfoot - Not fast or strong, not a good basher
    Tamiya Clodbuster - Not fast or strong, not a good basher
    For detail check out this:
    He was looking for something fast and strong.

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