I received my Arrma Fury Jan 5th 2012. I really liked the set up of the controller. Took it out for a spin after five minutes of jumping it off of small varrious jumps I hit a two and a half foot jump knocking the front top right side tie rod loose. After popping it back on I noticed my steering was a little off. Corrected the steering with one click of the controler. Ran it some more since then have knocked the front top right side tie rod off a few more times causing my allingment to be out. Any suggestions on how I can reset it back to factory specs.

If there are any other bodies coming out for the Arrma Fury I would like to know so I could customize.

Also wanted to know what type of upgrades people are thinking of for this vehicle.

I am thinking of the Trinity 13.5 brushless motor. Any waterproof esc unit which one are reasonable to use. What tires and rims people suggest.

If anyone knows where you can locate alluminum parts to switch out with the factory parts please let me know. What types of shock oil would people suggest? Thanks any help would be appriciated.