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Hello from Afghanistan
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Thread: Hello from Afghanistan

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    Hello from Afghanistan

    i have just purchased a new stampede vxl 4x4. it stock at the moment. i have ordered a 11.1V 6400 battery pack for the truck. i was told with this setup i will break the truck. i have ordered parts in advance to the battery getting here. but the battery will arrive before the parts. parts listed below. all aftermarket.
    stainless steel screw set
    motor plate
    roll cage
    piggyback shocks(front and back)
    body mounts(front and back)
    titanium turnbuckles
    alum-shock towers
    hex wheel hubs
    alum-skid plates
    alum-lower a-arms front and back
    alum-front bulk head
    alum-caster blocks

    if you can think of anything else i wld need to order in case of breakage plz inform of them. it takes a long time for parts to get here and i hate down time. we also built a track from scratch, so please check back tomorrow as i will post them tonight. any all suggestions will be take seriously as i am a rookie at this hobby, but i hate loosing more then i hate down time. a friend of mine bought an exceed buggy with a lipo upgrade and is just as fast as i am with the stock 8.4 3000ma battery. he spent a 1/4 of what i spent for my rig, and i cant have that. if someone can explain what the pinion and spur means along with what the tooth count stands for. this would all be helpful in maintaining and crushing my opponents on race day. i will be appreciative of all help, tips, and hints on how to make my rig the best i can. money is no issue as my wife has allowed me a 200$ budget per month. lol.....

    SSG Hess

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    If you want to toast your buddy .. get either the Novak 5.5 550 ballistic or a Tekin 4 pole or even the Castle Creations SCT combo all work great in a 4x4.. and as far what could break, watch you temps on your ESC and motor on 3s lipo, overheating the motor can cause it to fail. I like keeping my temps under 120 degrees.. as far as gearing goes.. smaller pinions more torque less speed, spur gear ..bigger spur more torque less speed.. ..also don't over tighten the slipper clutch ..if it's too tight greater chance of having an issue with the gear box or drive train.. if you have issues with dog bone or CVA. .. google MIP RC , also RPM makes great replacement parts. and by the way ..Thank you and STAY SAFE..

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    thx mrjdgates.
    i will look into the motor combos. im hoping i can keep the stock setup as long as possible. hoping not to strip out the gears right away. i will look into replacement gears and setups. do you have any suggestions on setups? i am running on a course that we have setup, and the setup i have now seems to give me more then enough speed as is. im sure with the lipo i will be able to destroy my competition. not sure that i want more torque at the moment since i am racing, but i am looking into a roller pede to make as my crawler as well. again i appreciate your time to reply to my thread. as for staying safe, ill do my best.

    SSG Hess

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