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Thread: trying to solder deans plugs, need help and suggestions.

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    trying to solder deans plugs, need help and suggestions.

    i need help fella's. trying to solder wire to deans plug. it so hard, im using a weller cordless iron, temp to 900f. i can not get the deans plug hot enough to get the solder thats on it hot enough to melt it. right now it has the stock point tip that came on it. maybe im not holding it on long enought or what. but as soon as i put the wire that has been tinned to the deans plug the solder gets cold right away, and i cant get this to work out for me at all. any vids or pix wld be helpful.

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    Check YouTube for bunch of vids how to solder deans, but I'm guessing it's your iron cordless even though it says 900 deg I really doubt it but never know, but really it should be hot enough in maybe 5-10 seconds tops an that's even long,good luck

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