Well just whenbit thought i was gonna wait till i had time to tear deep into one of he summits i have..... Wrong!!! The lemon i got from a guy in Florida.... I had to buy a new motor, get batteries,body pins,and spur and pinion... Now i got it up and running and heard a clicking coming fromvthe rear end..... Oh yea you know Whats coming... So i get brave and tear the whole rear end apart and clean everyblittle peice and tore the diff apart..... Broken and chipped teeth on the main gear. As well both spider gears were chipped and missing teeth. It sucks. I traded a couple grand worth of paintball gear for the thing and it was suppose tobwork well and had a spare set of tires and wheels. I have had my share of red faced moments with it just to try to get it going good. He had a bigger pinion...22 o24 tooth and a 54 or 56 spur. I bough stock for her which was a 14/68. I got a 62 toothvfor mine and screwed up and got an emaxx 20 tooth not one for a 5mm shaft... Smart move.
Anyway i was just wonderring if i have to replace diff and bulkhead because the diff case and bulkhead looked worn like the two had rubbed alot together. If i get new diff i don't want it to wobble and wear out the new one fast.as well i am trying to find somewhere to get some mounted tires, like masher or something like it for mine. She has trenchers but i can't find any good ones pre mounted other than them that fit summit. I found some good tires but i need 14mm hexes. Dunno what parts.