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emaxx brushless edition
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Thread: emaxx brushless edition

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    emaxx brushless edition

    does anyone have the emaxx brushless edition .....just curious.

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    i have an oldschool e maxx the 14.4 one and took the guts out and 3s lipo a vxl3s in it and put a water proof box and two waterproof servos in it and it is nutz!!!! it goes dumb!!! bet it can compete with tha new one on a 3s scale!!!

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    ive got a 3908 e maxx and its awesome, i love it. im doing everything to get it indestructable, like rpm arms, alloy bulkheads, titanium hingepins etc. i might make a new thread for it soon.
    also i have a castle 1717 motor on the way for it its going to be awesome!

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