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New guy to the site and I'm looking for a new truck!
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Thread: New guy to the site and I'm looking for a new truck!

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    New guy to the site and I'm looking for a new truck!

    Hello RC lovers. I have had several Traxxas RCs but I'm looking for a truck that fits more of what I do. My collection started with a Revo 3.3. I really liked the fact that it would go in the grass with no problem but I didnt like having to tune the carb all the frickin time=Nitro's out! I got rid of the Revo and got a Rustler XL-5 which I later made brushless. I got rid of that in favor of a Slash VXL 2wd. I like how the Slash handles and it's fun to run on a purpose built track but I dont do that all that much. I'm more of a basher. I bash in grass most of the time and the Slash is not that great in grass! I'm looking to get rid of the Slash but I'm not sure what to get. So what I want from you guys is some opinions...

    -Stampede 4x4 VXl?

    I like speed and I like waterproof.

    I'm leaning towards the E-maxx and Summit based on the taller tires to run in grass but the 'Pede is pretty much the same as the Slash so I could just get a roller and swap all my electronics.

    What do you think?

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    The 4x4 pede is nice but the summit and emaxx are gonna be much more capable. I would lean towards the summit because the emaxx needs upgrades to be more durable. You could also look at the e-revo. It's the same as the summit but with a different body and lower stance but they include a rocker arm set to increase the ride height to match the summit.

    If it was up to me, and you can afford it, I would go with the HPI Savage Flux HP. The newest version is waterproof and it is tougher, and faster than the Traxxas MT's other than the brushless erevo but the brushless erevo isn't waterproof.
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    if you want speed then get the emaxx because the summit isnt that fast and its not made to go fast. its ment to go slow and kind of do everything, ie. basher, monster truck, rock crawler and sometimes a boat or a submarine I would personally go with the summit cause I only have a 1/2 mile street that i run on and i would want a summit for its versatility.
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    I would go e revo, or summit.
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    Get a Summit and convert it to a Velineon. Run it on the preffered gearing but not a pinion and run your choice of Lipos. You could also grab an E-Maxx and convert to a DeWalt. The only thing about the Summit is it is way too sophisticated for me. I have a 2wd Mamba Monster Stampede and it works well at skateparks( no joke ). Yeah getting 10 metres of air is fun but I cranked open a Big-Bore when I did that.

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