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Thread: is it spring yet

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    Oh man it's staring to get nice out over here in bc canada
    The out-door track for our club has been completely re-done this off season and I can't wait to race it. I tried a couple of laps in my SC10 about 3weeks ago but being it's clay and it was damp I got clay in EVERYWHERE in my RC, since then I will not go back until it completely dry. They tried to get it as close to roar legal to try and sanction this as a roar race track. I will get some pic's the next time I go out, or I might bring out the vid cam

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    Awesome here in Florida too. Finally finished the new track at the local shop and had our first race a couple of weeks ago.
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    well, the snow is gone and it is 55deg out, but I should be at work right now. My 1:1 truck is broke, the front drivers side hub bearing is shot. I wish these parts were as cheap as parts for my Savy. So, right now there is a storm cloud right above me and I'm getting soaked. Hope that one day things go right for me. ATLEAST it is warm enough that I don't have to close the garage door to work on the truck.

    Hope everyones day turns out better than mine

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    i love my cali because it never snows. it is also always good weather down hear. you should move to my house LOL

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    its spring in se wisconsin. but it is raining a lot

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