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slash 4x4 running slowwww
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Thread: slash 4x4 running slowwww

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    I have a 2 month old slash 4x4. It's been running like a champ, but last night it just began to run like if it was on a dying nimh battery. Very slow. The truck is currently on lipo mode, with a 2s 5000k mah lipo fully charged. I already reset it back on race mode but still maintains its slow and sluggish performance. I switched from lipo to nimh to see if it was my lipo pack but it was not. I can't figure out what is wrong, since I am a noob at RCs. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated!



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    Senior Member batman's Avatar
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    check for binding in the drive lines, check that there are no locked up bearings
    possibly overheated motor if temps ever reached 180 +

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    +1 on Batmans suggestion its the most likely the source of the problem.
    Hope this helps!

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    since your a noob I'm guessing you dont have lots of stuff laying around so I would say talk it to your local hobby shop they can trouble shoot for you by testing the battery, ESC, and motor. My guess is its the motor though.

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    your pinion couldve moved closer to the spur or farther

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