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Slash 2WD gearing
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Thread: Slash 2WD gearing

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    Slash 2WD gearing

    Hi Guy

    i just recently bought a second hand slash 2wd a week ago
    pretty much bog stock except for upgrading steering rack which i'm told gives twice as much steering angle as they normally get, i believe its out of a 4x4 or so i'm told.

    my question is...i'm about to drop the 12t titan stock motor out for a brushless 10.5t system
    what sort spur and pinion should i be looking at to much sure that i do cook anything.


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    fast acceleration and short course 16 tooth pinon and 90 tooth spur.
    high top speed long distanse hard surface 23 tooth pinon and 86 toot6h spur

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    if you want speed than a 23t 90t
    if you are driving off road then 15t 90t
    if you are driving on road than 19t 90t

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    19/86 is pretty good. At least for a Rustler VXL.

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