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New To Rc Looking For Long Run Times
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Thread: New To Rc Looking For Long Run Times

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    New To Rc Looking For Long Run Times

    Hi everyone!

    First post looking for some info on getting some long run times out of my slash 2wd. I tried a search of "long run times" but it didn't turn up any good info.

    I just purchased my slash (1/10) and a slash 4x4 (1/16) for the lady friend. I've seen a connector for the smaller slash to run two batteries parallel for either 50+ mph or longer run time, it says it's specifically for the 1/16 scale though. Is there something similar for the bigger truck, or maybe a different battery pack?

    I'm not looking to make my truck haul ass or anything lol. Just trying to get the most bashing time as reasonably possible.

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    You can buy high mah batterys to get more run time, or you can make your own parallel connector. There are some vid on youtube on how to do that. just watch your temps when you do long runs things can heat up pretty good. If your not already go with lipo batterys, better power, better run times, less weight just all around better in all ways, but be sure your charger can charge and balance them.

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    anything with more than 4000milliamps

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