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What are some good upgrades to make a slash a great short course racer
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Thread: What are some good upgrades to make a slash a great short course racer

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    Cool What are some good upgrades to make a slash a great short course racer

    list some parts to upgrade the slash to make it a great race truck at a hobby track.
    ex:list upgraded shocks, hubs etc etc
    please list the name and price of each part to make it user friendly
    EX: Rpm front hubs $8.95

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    LCG chassis.

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    kinda iffy on that, seems like itll add extra weight

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    If you haven't gone vxl go vxl and a lipo then drive break and replace with rpm parts if you don't want to go through the replacement hassle buy aluminum parts. AND I would pick up traxxas big bores they preform extremely well.

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    Pro-line protrac set-up, I purchased it for my wifes slash and it now handles 10x better then it ever has before. For your esc/motor I would recommend that you first see what class you want to run in and what motor/batt limits are. Then and only then get yourself a good Castle combo sv2 version along with a 4600kv brushless. As for tires I reall think you would have to see what kind of surface you will be on, for our local indoor and out out door track I use Pro-Line Caliber M3 compound and the Snipers M3 compound.

    So lets see here....Prices.....hmmm I'm in canada and prices vary with any web-site or shop but I will take a Price quotes from Tower hobbies in the US......

    Pro-line Protrac set up------59.99
    Castle sv2 4600kv-----140.97
    Pro-line Caliber-----28.99
    Pro-line Snipers-----18.99

    FYI.............This set up is for the 2wd slash, not to sure about the 4wd. For that I would guess a fat motor and good tires might do the trick. 4wd short course racing is like racing with training wheels jk

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    pro line suspension kit and steering kit

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    proline powerstroke front/rear shocks-- 79.50
    proline slicers-- 18.95
    proline suburbs-- 19.19

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