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Slash 4x4 wheels
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Thread: Slash 4x4 wheels

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    Slash 4x4 wheels

    I'm looking to I guess raise my slash and put some I guess the biggest wheels I can without cutting if possible can anyone recommend anything?

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    2.8" are the biggest you could probably get.
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    The easiest route would be to look for 2.8'' Stampede wheels and tires. The stampede and slash are identical except for the wheelbase from what I have read. If you have a 4x4 slash look at 4x4 'pede wheels and tires. You will have to run a different body or cut the short course body wheel wells for clearance. I actually went with a slash so I can have a different body, wheels & tires for bashing and still have a racing setup for fun on a local track. I'll be looking at Emaxx and revo bodies to see what I'll need for my bashing setup.

    I have heard of some running maxx sized wheel and tires but it requires some extra hardware. Something about 17mm hex adapters if I remember what I've read. Running those however, your going to have to adjust your gearing quite a bit. It will still be really tough on your motor and ESC for those size tires I imagine. If you plan to go this route I suggest reading up and getting the correct info. Learn from others trial and error and save some cash.

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    stampede wheels and tires
    i put some on mine and it looks bad ass!

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