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Slash 4X4 Platinum or Ultimate
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Thread: Slash 4X4 Platinum or Ultimate

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    Slash 4X4 Platinum or Ultimate

    I am planing to buy a Slash 4X4 but not sure which kind. The Platinum is for 400 and the ultimate is for 500 with the remote control,Battery and a wall charger .But I heard the batteri and the wall charger are crap, the battery last for 15minute and it take 8 hours to charge(8.4V 3000mAh 7-cell). I manly going to use the car for bashing around

    Do you think I should buy the Platinum and buy a remote control and a receiver, Battery and a charger.I am looking for a battery that i can run the car on i for a long time not for 10 minutes.

    Or should I buy the ultimate and just buy a good battery with it.

    Thank you

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    I ended up in the same boat, and I'm still planning my purchase, but I decided on the Platinum. RTR radios have never been stellar, and the battery is just to get you started anyway. If you plan on going Lipo, save the 100$ get better batteries and a decent charger. You do not have to spend a ton on radios either... I had a couple in mind for myself in the 40-70$ range.

    My logic was, I'll end up paying less for what I'd end up with eventually. A decent AC/DC Charger, a couple of 2S lipos, and a Radio that will work the same as, if not better then, a RTR radio.

    Also: I get to paint my own body and avoid looking like a total noob when I get my truck dialed in and go to a track.
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    I'd say go for the platinum. You can get a fly sky GT3-B for $40, Thunder ac6 charger for $45, and a couple lipo batterys from and not spend much more than a ultimate but have much better equipment.

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    ultimate is the better buy because it already has aluminum parts and has everything needed to make it ready to run
    if you calculated how much it would be to buy the platinum and buy the radio/reciever battery and charger, i would just get the ultimate

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