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4wd or 2wd?
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Thread: 4wd or 2wd?

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    4wd or 2wd?

    I have a 2wd Traxxas slash and I was wondering what people think about it. Is it better, as good, or worse than the 4wd. Is upgrading to 4wd a good idea? Why?

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    if you like to bash....4X4 owns the world

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    why? because 4x4 can go so many places that 2wd simply cant.
    with 2wd, you need momentum to get up and over obstacles. with 4x4 you can start at the base of a huge hill and climb it. (just an example)

    4x4 is quicker off the line, much more controllable and has many advantages.
    the main benefits of 2wd are fishtailing, throwing huge roosts, and easy wheelies, because the postion of the motor.

    4x4 all the way!

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    is there a way to upgrade the 2wd slash to a 4x4?

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    Hold on there buddy, what vortex and jeremy both said holds true, but I would like to add a little, overall, yes any 4wd car will be faster, come out of turns better, off the line faster than any 2wd. But if you wanna be a good driver, stick with your 2wd sc. Believe it or not, I have seen experienced 2wd drivers beat novice 4wd drivers. This is why I will never get rid of my b4, even though I have 4wd rcs. As 2wd cars train the driver better.

    Also sorry, I don't think it could be done 2wd sc to 4wd, chassis different, motor placement, too much to change

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    It would be cheaper to buy a 4wd kit vrs changing your 2wd to 4 wheel drive not only would you have to have a different chassis your rear end and front end wouldnt match up at all Basically you would would only be able to use your Motor ESC and Servo to make it 4 wheel drive

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    i have both and i prefer 4x4 for both bashing and racing just a quicker start on the track and bashing sucks with 2wd

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    i saw a video of someone bashing in the snow with 2WD, but it could not get forward...

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    i think its as good as the 2wd even though you get better traction
    its the same speed but you do have more control when your in the air
    so i guess 4x4 is better hahahaha

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