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need a good servo
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Thread: need a good servo

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    need a good servo

    i need advice on a good servo that is fast and strong becuase i want to race my slash 2wd

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    try a savox servo or a solar servo from

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    how much are you willing to spend? There is a Hi-tec metal gear servo called the HS-5625MG that works really well that i use in my sct. it cost 46 dollars on towerhobbies. Dont be stingy when it comes to your servo. if you invest in a good one now, you will save in the long run in having to replace servos. This to look for in a servo for a sct especially if you are racing are:

    Transit time @6 volts at or less than .15 seconds
    Torque @6 volts at or more than 100 oz.
    Metal gears are a must in most cases. especially if you are drivin offroad and/ or you jump alot.
    Nylon gears are ok as long as it is a lighter sct like the Losi XXX-SCT.
    Never get plastic gears. you will destroy them in 1 or 2 runs.
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