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Tuning Guide
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Thread: Tuning Guide

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    Tuning Guide

    Is there a tuning guide somewhere online for Nitro engines? What are the most things to look out for?

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    Where you live. Florida is horrible with the humidity.

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    um, mostly, left is rich and right is lean and if it bogs with lots of smoke, lean, if it bogs with no smoke, rich until stops bogging then about 1/8 of a turn richer or leaner.

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    Basically heres my tunning tips.

    Tune by hours like a clock being one full turn on your carn needle is 1 day. Dont tune 1 full turns only by hours or small hours.
    Watch temp and go by temps you know the engine is safe in.
    Watch for smoke you always want a nice light blue line not alot but a nice amount.
    To lean will be screaming, hot, also rpm bog(high pitch bogging).
    To fat is alot of smoke and hesitation also maybe flame out.
    Always after run oil your engines, NEVER use wd-40 as after run oil!
    Check glow plugs is engine isn't wanting to keep running after pulling off ignightor.
    Adjusting your idle screw is best done by getting engine up to running heat then tune idle. High idle is sticking at high rpm and not dropping for a few seconds after getting off the gas. To low will idle then get real low and flame out. Perfect idle will be hit full throttle woth car off ground and hit full brake. When you do this and it has high rpm for about 1 second and drops is perfect.

    Hope this helped.
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