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Bogs down
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Thread: Bogs down

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    Bogs down

    How can I tune it so that when i apply full throttle it takes off quickly

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    lean it out more bogging means its too rich.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJ1965 View Post
    How can I tune it so that when i apply full throttle it takes off quickly
    We really need more information than this, like tell us about what your current setup is and such. If we don't know how you are currently setup we can't give you advice on how to change it.

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    When it takes of, is there alot of smoke but not that much when its at speed? if so richen your low speed. If it still feels slugish, try richening the highspeed a bit. Just make sure there is smoke coming out of the pipe.
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    Engine tunning is a very sense feel. Some go by temp but i go by feel. If you bogging while being stopped then hitting gas, thats the bottom end and needs to be turned clockwise. Turn only by hours like a hand on a clock going from hour to hour. One full tunr will equal 1 day. The bottom end is where your carb linkage is and the slide. Now you want good smoke and very little build up or hesistation from idle for a long period. Now if your to lean you have lil smoke and it can raise idle alot and make engine bog aswell and no smoke come out. For top end you lean if it takes off fast then slows. Or to lean is no smoke going fast or it boggs after a few seconds hitting high rpm. Tune the same way like hours on a clock Best way to tune good is start over flush on top and bottom and gradgualy lean until you get the results you want.
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