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RC Boats-Electric & Nitro

Thinking of purchasing a new electric or nitro powered RC boat? Let the RC Skipper take you through our first impressions as we open brand new remote controlled boats on camera for you, give you close up shots of the boat and share our first impressions. If you are doing some research on your first remote controlled boat or your 30th unboxing videos are great for you.


Looking for information on completing different tasks on your remote controlled boat like upgrades or repairs? Watch the RC Skippers video tutorials on electric and nitro powered rc boats to learn a little more about the RC boat hobby, as well as maybe a thing or two you didn't know before.


Most RC boats, whether they are electric or nitro powered require a good bit of regular maintenance. Whether you are looking for information on how to store your rc boat, how to maintain your engine, or the hull of your RC boat, the RC Skipper is here to help.

RC Boating footage

Every wonder what a particular electric or nitro powered RC boat looks like when it's running? Doing some purchase research or just enjoy watching videos of remote controlled boats? The RC Skippers electric and nitro powered boat bashing videos are for you, whether it's for remote controlled boat research or entertainment, we spend the time and money for your enjoyment.


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