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Interested in buying a new electric or nitro RC short course truck, monster truck, crawler, on road, or scaler? We spend the money so you don't have to and open the remote controlled car or truck right on camera with you so you can get a close up view of it and hear our first impressions and review. RC vehicles are not cheap so hopefully this will help you get a better idea of what you're getting for your money.

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It doesn't matter if you are into rc racing, bashing, or both we all have something to learn. RCNightMares RC tutorials help you with your electric or nitro rc short course truck, monster truck, crawler, scaler and more. Everything from how to make repairs to upgrading your electric or nitro powered remote control car or truck. Here is a sample video, click here to watch more.


To keep your RC car or truck running right they all require maintenance. Some RC maintenance projects are quick and easy while others may take you several hours to complete. The team here at RC NightMare hopes to make life a little easier on the RC Hobbyist with step by step video tutorials on remote control car & truck maintenance.

Ground Footage

Wonder what your favorite RC car or truck looks like running? Whether it's a remote controlled car, truck, monster truck ,or on road car its always great to see how the vehicle performs before you spend your hard earned money on it. We work long and hard to try and show you all sides of a particular electric or nitro RC vehicle for your buying research or pure entertainment. See More Here


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RC Cars

RC NightMare covers all things RC car as well, electric brushed and brushless powered on road and off road RC cars as well as Nitro powered. If you are looking to research your next RC car purchase, or just chat about remote controlled cars RC NightMare has everything you need to maximize your fun with your off road or on road RC car.

RC Trucks

It doesn't matter if you are into electric RC trucks, or Nitro RC trucks. Monster RC trucks, mini's and everything in between from all the major brands like Traxxas, HPI, Team Associated, Exceed, Losi, Axial and more. Covering tutorials, helpful information on our free RC forum, and exciting running videos of every RC truck in our collection.