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Interesting in buying a new electric or nitro powered RC plane, helicopter, or glider? RC FlighSchool brings you all the latest in remote controlled flight. Watch us open these RC's for the very first time and share our thoughts as well as our first reviews.


Stuck trying to repair your remote controlled plane, helicopter, or glider? Watch these tutorials to learn how to fix or upgrade your RC. Everything from RC plane repair, RC helicopter upgrades and even full build videos to get you going.


Have questions about how to best maintain your rc airplane, helicopter or other flying remote controlled vehicle? Watch our videos, or take some time to learn about RC Flight maintenance in our section of the forum here.

Flight Footage

Want to see some flight footage of your favorite RC plane or helicopter? RC Flight School painstakingly shoots each remote controlled plane or heli in our collection so you can get an idea about how things look once they are in the air.

Top Review of the Week

In case you haven't noticed the team here at RCNightMare owns, or has owned a heck of a lot of RC cars, truck, planes, and helicopters. We buy them all with our own money for you, and make sure before we send them off to EBay to be sold we deliver a solid review for you. Click here to check out our reviews section.

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RC Planes

Everything you could want when it comes to electric and nitro powered RC planes and more. Everything from ready to fly park flyers to full on kits for electric rc ducted fan jets. We offer tutorial videos, helpful remote control plane articles and much more.

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We are RC Finatics! We Love RCs and want to provide the best resources for everything RC.That includes remote controlled helicopters, everything from the smallest micro to giant scale rc heli's we've got you covered with the support you crave, the videos you love, and the community of friends to share your passion

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