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High Desert Raceplace – Local RC Track in Grand Junction, CO

High Desert Raceplace
2892 North Avenue Unit C
Grand Junction, CO 81501

(970) 255-1499




Off Road


The largest indoor off-road Remote Control facility in Colorado and are located in the city of Grand Junction, in Western Colorado, where friends, kids and families can come and run their electric remote control cars, trucks and 4wd vehicles. Offers practice all week and also have organized racing twice a week using a state of the art AMB-RC Timing System.

2 Comments on “High Desert Raceplace – Local RC Track in Grand Junction, CO”

  • Noah LaVau August 12th, 2011 1:29 am
    Prices 44444
    Conditions 55555
    Parts Availability 44444
    Events 33333
    Friendly Staff 55555

    A very all around great Indoor Off Road Track. The surface is clay, watered every night. Air conditioning in the summer! The staff is friendly, and joke around. Locals will help you out with anything once you get to know them. The parts availability is OK but not great, most of the time he will have what you need, but not all the time. But the track owner (Andy) can order whatever you need. There hasn’t been many events in the past two years, but that has been because of family emergencies every time one has been planned.

    Sit back and watch some sports or whatever is on the flat screen TV while batteries are charging, talk about RC, or lay back and eat some food! Nom nom nom.

    Note: Snacks/Water/Gatorade can be purchased. If racing parts/food/water etc is put on a tab. $5 fee for transponder, rent-to-own.

  • Steve May 31st, 2012 1:15 am
    Prices 11111
    Conditions 11111
    Parts Availability 11111
    Events 11111
    Friendly Staff 11111

    This track was very bad owner Andy was very rude and did not like kids and it’s closed

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