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Raceworld Raceway – RC Track in Griffith, IN

Raceworld Raceway
1327 E Main Street
Griffith, IN 46319

(219) 864-0005




Off Road


Practice Sessions

Open Practice Mon-Wed-Fri Noon-8:00PM

Electric Practice Tuesdays Noon-8:00PM

Open Practice Thursdays Noon-5:00PM

Nitro Practice Saturdays 10:00AM-11:30AM


Racing Sessions

Electric Racing Thursdays 7:30PM

Nitro Racing On Saturdays 12:00PM Doors Open 10:00AM

Electric Racing On Sundays 10:00AM Doors Open 7:30AM


3 Comments on “Raceworld Raceway – RC Track in Griffith, IN”

  • neil pestka August 12th, 2011 8:51 pm
    Prices 55555
    Conditions 55555
    Parts Availability 55555
    Events 55555
    Friendly Staff 55555

    great place to race

  • Warthog January 19th, 2012 11:53 pm
    Prices 44444
    Conditions 22222
    Parts Availability 22222
    Events 22222
    Friendly Staff 11111

    On Thursday January 19th 2012. I went to RC World in Griffith. There web site says Start time for Racing starts at 7:30pm We arrived at 7:02 pm. When I asked when sign in would start for racing I was told I was late and the sign ups closed at 6:30 and racing would start at 7. We were given a bunch of shit about being late for sign ups and to late to start at 7:00. When I mentioned that the races were to start at 7:30 I was told the rules changed and to bad your late and were not racing. We even called at 5:00 and check to be sure. We drive 47 miles one way to race and get a face full of bad attitude. Why would anyone want to return to that track with that kind of treatment. Oh yea check the web site it says start time is 7:30 with no mention of a sign up time.

  • Oliver February 20th, 2012 9:54 pm
    Prices 11111
    Conditions 11111
    Parts Availability 11111
    Events 11111
    Friendly Staff 11111

    My family went here on February 19th 2012 and the list of disappointments is seemingly endless. First let me tell you that I race with my two children ages 13 and 15, and this track no longer runs a rookie class. When I asked if they could add a rookie class for the kids I was told no, and that there were no rookies at this track. They sent a clear message that new comers are not welcome, so much for bringing any friends racing, and that my children are not welcome either. The track was nearly impossible, it seemed like it was set up for 1/8 scale E buggies and resulted in many broken cars for everyone there. The bathrooms were beyond disgusting and the “ladies” room was being used by men (there are 2 men’s rooms and they still used the ladies), it had no toilet paper and had piss all over the walls and toilet making it impossible for my daughter to use the bathroom. The regular customers to this track were rude, and disrespectful, it was clear that the track is being run for them and not anyone else. There were few to no parts available for the cars and no transponders to borrow for the kids. This is very sad for me, my kids, and my friends that go racing with us. We had high hopes for this track when it opened, and was disappointed then with poor treatment, only to give it another chance and see how much worse it is now. This track is a disgrace to the RC hobby and does not welcome new customers.

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